Eat Buckwheat To Lose Weight

Eat buckwheat to lose weight – this is a number one weight loss rule in the Eastern Europe. I remember being little and all covered in eczema my doctor told my mom she had to feed me lots of buckwheat as it’s one of the most nutritious foods packed with antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. My doctor looked at my mom and said: lady, you too eat buckwheat, you need to lose weight! This made my mom blush, but we both went on a buckwheat diet, each for own reason, and guess what – my eczema calmed down at that point and my mom’s weight loss process went into motion!

There is even a crash mono diet when you desperately need to shed some weight within a week’s time to fit into that dress on Friday. You can only eat buckwheat for 3 – 4 days and drink lots of water. It would help if you didn’t put any salt when cooking buckwheat, but if you absolutely can’t eat it without salt, then only put a little. When I do this, I also add a tea spoon of good extra virgin olive oil. This kasha is totally delicious! Of course, make sure that when you get off this few days crash diet, you continue following your diet solution program

Buckwheat doesn’t contain wheat (inconsiderate of the fact that this word is present in buckwheat). In fact, buckwheat is a fruit seed and not a grain, though it can be used as such. Substitute your rice with buckwheat altogether (and use buckwheat the same way you would use rice) and see your fat starting to melt.

Buckwheat is virtually gluten-free, which makes is a great food for those with celiac disease

Buckwheat’s protein characteristics and minerals make it a low glycemic food that helps to control blood sugar levels (very important when trying to lose weight).

Buckwheat is also unparalleled in its ability to lower bad cholesterol Buckwheat is rich in B vitamins as well as phosphorus, magnesium, iron, folate, zinc, copper and manganese

Buckwheat has been found to lower blood pressure

One of the very important points to make about eating buckwheat is that it is actually delicious! I realize it’s not something you might be used to, but trust me, once you’ve tried this – you will be hooked on buckwheat! I know people who understand the super powers of quinoa let’s say (which are not superior to the ones of buckwheat by the way), but just don’t like its taste. Once the switch from either quinoa or rice to buckwheat – they tick the taste problem off their list!

There are numerous ways to eat buckwheat to lose lose weight! There is a great variety of recipes. The easiest one is plainly cook the buckwheat per the package instructions (simply rinse it under clean water, then cook in boiling water for 10 – 12 minutes. Add some olive oil and some cooked vegetables per your taste, I usually only add some saute’d carrots). You can also make buckwheat flour pancakes (read the recipe here) or waffles and one of my favorite – you can buy soba noodles that are made of buckwheat flour! Put them in a thai style soup and you will be set for a delicious lunch!

So, you can now see why we can and need to eat buckwheat to lose weight! I wish you a good luck in your weight loss journey deliciously accompanied by the magic buckwheat seed!