The Diet Solution Plan – What’s Inside

Getting hooked up on the Diet Solution Plan, but want to know what exactly is inside? Here you go:

The Diet Solution Plan Manual – This is the complete, fully detailed manual that contains everything you need to know to follow, implement and succeed on the Diet Solution Program…what to eat, when to eat it, detailed food lists, charts, tables, Frequently asked questions, and exactly how to optimize the program so it is perfectly suited to you.

Metabolism Type Test – This is that easy questionnaire that’s going to tell you your own specific metabolic type so the program can be customized to you.

Success Journal – One of the best ways to guarantee success on any diet and exercise program is to keep a journal. This journal makes the whole “recording” process easy.

Food Shopping Guide – Foods to shop for on your fat loss plan and exactly where to find everything.

Quick Start Guide – You can read the whole thing beginning to end in less than 15 minutes and get started on your new plans right away. Many people have actually used this guide alone to lose their first 10-15 lbs of fat..without even using anything else…its really that complete and that easy to use.

Top 10 Nutrition Mistakes Keeping You Fat – These 10 simple things will make an immediate difference in your life and you’ll be wondering why you were never told these principles before.

Recipe Guide – Here are some of Isabel’s very favorite and extremely delicious recipes that you can prepare in your own home. The best part is they are simple and basic, yet delicious and creative. Eating foods that will help you lose fat do not have to taste bad and this recipe guide proves it.

Completely Done For You Mealplans – 60 days of already done for you meal plans. These meal plans will not only tell you what you need to eat but they’ll also give you an incredible amount of meal variety, and don’t worry there is plenty of flexibility built in so if there is something you don’t like… you don’t have to eat it.